Message from the President

Following our 2022 Annual General Meeting, I wish to welcome three new members to the Board:

Craig Barker (Deputy President),

Romi Gyergyak (Director),

Nicholas Hodge (Director).

I wish to thank Mick Bulger, who has been our Treasurer for four years, for his extensive commitment to RSL.

During his tenure as treasurer, Mick has made a significant contribution to the efficient running of the Sub Branch. In his role as maintenance officer, he was also responsible for making and enacting suggestions which have streamlined our operations. This included changing the status of our Liquor Permit, updating the draught beer facility, improving our Hall security and engaging our bookkeeper. Some of these took months of work to bring about a successful outcome. We are very grateful for your contribution, Mick.

I also express our sincere gratitude to Andrew Scottney-Turbill and Luke Housego for their exceptional contribution to the organisation of the RSL Maleny Sub Branch. Their experience and expertise has provided a significant legacy to our collective wisdom.

Thank you to our continuing Board members for their significant contributions to maintaining and improving our Sub Branch in so many ways.

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