The reporting process, from October 2011, has been changed to conform with new reporting requirements laid down by RSL Queensland.

There are now three areas of activity on which we need to report.

  • Welfare and Pension Activities
  • Commemorative and Patriotic Activities
  • Other Activities – Supporting the Sub Branch and The Community

Listed below are the types of activity to be reported.

Click here to complete the Welfare Activities Report Form.

Part 1

On each report, for the numbered items, please enter a reasonable estimate of the number of hours spent on that activity for the month.

Part 2

This is used to claim reimbursement for out of pocket expenses.  It is used internally within the Sub Branch.

For telephone calls, internet hours and kilometres, please enter only the number of each item you are claiming.  The Treasurer will calculate the appropriate reimbursement based on agreed rates at the time.


  • Kilometres – in Part 1 private kilometers travelled should be entered for each area of activity. In Part 2 enter the total of private kilometers travelled in the month.
  • For stationery and transport fares please enter the dollar value.
  • Answer the question whether you wish to donate your reimbursement to the Sub Branch.

To assist you to complete reports,  “Sub Branch Activity Log” books are available at the office.

Remember to keep relevant documentation to support your claim.

If you wish to print a copy of your reports, use the cursor to highlight the report, and then print the selection before submitting.

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